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You might ponder whether SEO is essential for every business or only a few. Do you need it, and should you invest in the service of search engine optimization? The simple answer is if you want to make your business or products visible on the digital platform, make its presence felt online,

You might ponder whether SEO is essential for every business or only a few. Do you need it, and should you invest in the service of search engine optimization? The simple answer is if you want to make your business or products visible on the digital platform, make its presence felt online, then getting the right SEO work is essential. It can easily make or break a business online. 

As we all know, SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and it involves quite a few strategies, best practices, and actions with the ultimate aim to make a website rank higher in the search engines. Typically, there are two kinds of SEO – on-page and off-page. 

On-Page vs Off-Page SEO technique

On-Page SEO technique involves keyword presence, site speed, a header of the text, content, etc. The things you do on your website to improve its ranking. 

Off-Page SEO technique engages with the process of connecting with other websites and digital media platforms like backlinks to influence your website’s ranking. 

It takes time and knowledge to implement successful SEO strategies to get the desired result. Since SEO involves several factors that determined the ranking, it is best to find a knowledgeable person or agency that offers the service. 

With many SEO companies in the market and offering their services that are cheap and also in packages, you might wonder should you go for an inexpensive package and how much is the right amount to spend on your SEO package?

Cheap SEO Service: How Much Should I Pay? 

Before we delve into whether you should opt for cheap SEO services and packages to optimise the website, let’s tackle another frequently asked question. How much should I pay for the services? 

The simple answer is ‘as much as you want or can.’ Depending on your budget, how much it costs to run the business per month, and the buffer amount you require for unexpected expenses should determine your SEO expenditure. Moreover, with every company being different, with a different niche, target audience, the range for spending on SEO can and will differ. 

Few surveys have pointed out that many small businesses spend between $100 and $200 per month for SEO services. But the question remains how much should you pay? 

Once again, the answer is a bit ambiguous because it depends on your budget and the kind of services you need. Almost every SEO firms now offer different types of packages for small businesses that are affordable. 

Generally, an SEO package would include:

  • Audit of the technical structure of the website
  • Improving the search results on SERPs with targeted keywords
  • Building links and citations
  • SEO Copywriting

Apart from a few, other elements can be added to offer better ranking like blog posts, specialized e-commerce SEO, content optimization, SMO, authority blog post, technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO, to name a few. 

Hence depending on the package you select, you will be paying the price. We, therefore, suggest that before you choose a cheap SEO agency for its services and start spending, it is essential to ask the right questions. 

What Does SEO Cost Per Month?

Before you decide on hiring an SEO agency, it is essential to know that there are generally three types of SEO services based on which you will be charged apart from the packages. They are:

1.Per hour: The rate is between $20 and $200, which is further based on factors like the agency’s place, e.g., US firms charge less than in Australia. Also, the size of the company influences the price rate too. 

2.Per project: Regardless of the time they spend on the project, a standard rate is fixed, which you have to pay. In most cases, the agency will take 30 per cent of the down payment, while the rest you have to pay based on predefined milestones.  

3.Monthly: This costs between $500 and $1,500, and since most SEO campaigns run over a month, a monthly service is a good option and is one of the most preferred packages among clients. 

But while you look into the packages and the costing, it is essential to take the following factors when considering an SEO agency. 

Cheap SEO Package: Should You Opt For It?

Irrespective of whether you choose a cheap SEO package or service, there are few steps you can take to find the right SEO company. 

  1. Study the company’s specialties and services
  2. Check its reviews and references 
  3. Ask for their portfolio and case studies
  4. Understand the company’s team’s aim and ethics
  5. Check their social media and blogs
  6. Ensure there are no hidden costs, so read the contract in detail
  7. Before hiring, schedule a consultation

Once you ensure these factors, you can opt for the SEO package that suits your business and budget. While many will tell you several reasons to stay away from cheap SEO services and packages, many companies offer affordable services, which are often referred to as ‘cheap SEO packages.’ 

Like everything else, there are Pros and Cons to it. 

The benefit of hiring a cheap SEO service is that they can be cost-efficient and handle specific tasks for your small business. However, the drawback is they might not provide you with a detailed report, contact updates, and communication that you might require. 

Cheap SEOs are especially beneficial for SMEs who are just starting, but you also need to be aware of whether they can target your audience well. 

How Much Should I Budget For SEO? 

If you are looking to target both the local and international market, the budget for your SEO will be more, and it would be advisable not to get a cheap SEO package or service. Since it won’t be cheap and you might budget your SEO, the best way to do it is to find a consultant who will help you. 

Many websites give you a detailed analysis and steps to budget your SEO. But if you are an SME, and starting, talk to an SEO expert. They will guide you the best. 


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