Vape Battery Charger

I look at a variety of smart battery chargers for various users needs ranging from simple Li-ion chargers, super compact units, fasst charging… up to the more advanced analyser/testers. I pick out my favourite chargers or ones I recommend.

If you have any models I’ve not covered let me know in the comments section or any review requests you might have

Simple Li-ion Chargers:
Xtar MC Series –
Multi- Format Single Slot:
Klarus K1 –
Advanced Dual Slot:
Nitecore F2 –
Budget 4 Bay (AAA/AA/9V):
LiitoKala Lii – NL4 –
Ultra Compact Portable Charger:
Olight UMC –
4 Bay LCD Charger Multi-Format:
D4/VC4 – (D4) (VC4)
Fast Charger:
Miboxer C2 6000 –
Lots of slots/bays charger:
Nitecore I8 –
Budget Tester/Analyser:
Opus BT – C3100 (V2.2) –
Premium Tester/Analyser:
Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus –